Thursday, October 29, 2015

Your Acting Career Starts With an Audition (part 2 of 2)

While the audition is the starting point of your acting career, you should do some research so you know who they are and their reputation because there are scam artists who use this to victimize people. If they charge you an entrance fee to attend the audition forget about it. Should everything check out, do your best to impress the casting director.

Being accepted during the audition does not yet guarantee you have a part because you are part of a pool of talents that will be closely be examined by the network executives. If you don’t get the part, they may offer you another position and this could be a supporting role or one of the extras in the set.

Is it demeaning? Not really and don’t forget that this is how some actors and actresses first started before being given the chance to play a starring role. After the project is done, you can add this to your resume.

Landing a part is not easy and you will probably be rejected plenty of times before someone finally says otherwise. So attend additional acting classes and offer your services elsewhere, which is the best way to sharpen your craft.

When another audition is scheduled, forget about what happened before and just stay focused on the task at hand. As an actor or actress, you have to be a professional because that is the norm in the entertainment business.

Just come to the audition prepared and play the part to the best of your ability for a few minutes which may sometimes feel like an eternity. Who knows? Maybe this time things will be different so you can walk out the door with a smile on your face and look forward to a promising acting career which you have been dreaming about for a very long time.

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